The Jeremi Kehnt Foundation

“Caring For Our Own”



Our mission at The Jeremi Kehnt Foundation is to provide support for children who have lost one or more of their immediate family members due to tragedy or illness. We aim to provide children with a place that they can safely express their feelings towards their loss, and learn new coping techniques to aid them in the grieving process. We would also like to show children that they are not alone, but have peers out there living with similar experiences. We want them to know that we understand the grief process, because we are going through it too. Our motto is "To Care For Our Own", where we show that the support for families is provided from a genuine place of the heart. We don't see clients. We see families like our own, who carry on in honor of their loved ones gone too soon.



The primary goal of our program is to provide complete bereavement support for grieving children and their caregivers.


Encourage peer support through monthly activities and summer camp throughout Southern California and beyond.


Provide grief mentorship and positive coping mechanisms for children between the ages 6-18 years old.


Provide grief mentorship, understanding and resources for grieving parents and caretakers.


Offer an interactive social forum for grief support. Where safety and effective coping strategies are highlighted.


“Well, everyone can master a grief but he who has it.”

William Shakespeare  |  legendary writer



The Jeremi Kehnt Foundation developed its roots when CEO/Founder, Lenee Kehnt lost her husband Jeremi suddenly in a motorcycle accident. A conversation between three best friends took place shortly after his death. Kianna Babb (Chief Financial Officer) said she felt compelled to help children who have lost their parents, and she urged Lenee Kehnt and Tonya Ramirez (Secretary) to get involved.  From that conversation, The Jeremi Kehnt Foundation was born. While we cope with our loss of Jeremi, a great father, husband, son, brother, and friend; we also strive to help others who have lost their loved ones. The significance of The Foundation became more apparent as Lenee desperately searched for resources to help her grieving children and could not find any locally. Let alone resources to help herself as a young widow forced to re-navigate life after losing her husband and co-parent.  The Jeremi Kehnt Foundation is built on love for family, and the need adjust to a new, unwanted circumstance.


The Legacy

Jeremi Kehnt, 1979-2016