Resources for Caregivers


Our featured resource for August 13, 2018 is a free edition of REINVENTION magazine. This magazine is geared towards widows and widowers who are rebuilding their lives. Special thanks to Vivienne Reich, editor-in-chief for providing a resource for our parents. The free August, 2018 edition can be found when you click the hyperlink. You are welcome to subscribe to the online magazine if you found it helpful!


Check out our resource for the week of August 27, 2018! Author Kerry Phillips does a remarkable job of interviewing over 100 widows about their experiences after the death of their spouse. You may purchase the book on Amazon or Bonus, if you can find the picture of your Chief Executive Officer, Lenee Kehnt and her husband. We are featured in this one!

Our resource for January 8th coincides with our virtual 5k Fundraiser! Julia Steier is a widowed lifestyle coach who offers her perspective on how grieving people can improve their process through fitness. Check out her website at: