The Jeremi Kehnt Foundation

Eight million Americans experience the death of an immediate family member yearly.


What we offer


The Jeremi Kehnt will be offering mentorship services beginning in the winter of 2019. Our goal is to partner up children from ages 6-18 years old with a gender-respective adult mentor who has gone through bereavement and can offer positive support and encouragement. Likewise, mentorship services will span across the family unit. We will offer the chance for grieving parents and caretakers to express their concerns and need for support. Parents and caregivers will have the opportunity to choose a mentor that will be a good fit for them. The mentorship program will take place virtually through Ring Central, a HIPAA-compliant communications service. We will offer confidential video chat, text messaging, and telephone calls to support our grieving families.

Social media connection

We will be offering closed support groups via Facebook to encourage peer interaction. One support forum will be for parents and caregivers to engage in grief support with one another. The second forum will be established to support and connection for our mentors and team members. The support forums will be monitored by appointed administrators.

Activities and Psychoeducation

The Jeremi Kehnt Foundation host local events for the community monthly. We plan an activity that is geared to encourage family togetherness and peer support. The activities are theme-based according to empirically based bereavement research. We believe it is necessary to add an educational component so families can learn and grow in their grief. Secondly, we always strive to offer week-long camping trips for the children during summer vacation. The purpose is to promote solidarity and unity among our grieving children. As well as to offer positive, healthy coping mechanisms that are age-appropriate.


“Those who have suffered understand suffering and therefore extend their hand”.

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Where Your Donations Go…


Every month, a donation of 100.00 can help 20 grieving children receive HIPAA-compliant mentorship. Every 370.00 dollars raised can send one child to summer camp. A 200.00 donation could secure mentorship resources and training. A 10.00 donation can provide drinks or snacks during our activities. EVERY DOLLAR can help children cope with their loss. Every little bit counts at The Jeremi Kehnt Foundation.

Fall Festival, October 2018.

Fall Festival, October 2018.

Grief Hike, December 2018

Grief Hike, December 2018